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For the past 40 years, Dils Roofing has been offering customers an education-first approach to roofing. Let us be a resource for your upcoming roofing or solar project.

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Dils Roofing offers expert roofing El Cajon for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We offer transparent pricing and expert roofers, and we prioritize collaboration with our clients so they can understand the best roofing options for their needs and budget.

Our customers are number one; look at our testimonials and reviews from our roofing clients and see that we are fully committed to doing it right the first time. Dils Roofing is a fourth-generation, family-owned roofing company led by experts in the industry. Give us a call or leave us a message below to schedule a free estimate. We will help evaluate your project and put together a plan to do it right!

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Our nearly four decades in the industry and counting have given us an edge in experience.

Our services in roofing El Cajon are second to none, and we always work hard to provide our clients with the best evaluation and roofing solutions. So whether you’re interested in a new metal roof or your multi-story building has suddenly developed mysterious leaks that weren’t there a month ago, we can certainly help.

Our El Cajon roofing professionals are adept at identifying roofing problems, triangulating their probable locations, and providing a course of action that would result in the best results for the property owner. We have 40 years and have worked with property management companies and HOAs for over thirty years. We have repaired roofs and installed brand-new roofing solutions all over the San Diego County, and we are just getting started.

Residential Roofing El Cajon

No of the scope of your roofing project, Dils Roofing is your go-to, experienced roofing contractor. We give quality service and assurance for all your roofing requirements. Customer satisfaction is our primary objective. Our roof replacement service aids in the preservation and protection of the roofing structure. This excellent service might vary from minor roof repairs to a complete replacement. Our El Cajon roofing experts are highly educated to locate and efficiently target the damaged region and its surroundings. We apply cutting-edge methods to repair roofs effectively. We are an expert roofing company that provides all roofing services, including roof installs for new projects. Our roofing specialists meticulously construct new roofs to ensure the durability of the building. With routine maintenance, our clients can ensure that their superior roofing structure is sound, secure, and well maintained by our leading roofing professionals.

All services begin with a roof examination to determine the existing condition of the customer’s roof. Our El Cajon roofing professionals will give a personalized plan of feasible roof repairs and valuable roof services for consideration following a comprehensive roof inspection. Our roofing expert will educate the consumer on the services selected. We recognize that nearly all forms of home maintenance, repairs, and renovations can be disruptive for the residents, and we aim to finish all services within the timeframe specified. However, the main goal will always be to keep the customer happy while providing the specific service paid for by your hard-earned money.

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Commercial Roofing El Cajon

If you want a new roofing system for your home, we can schedule a full consultation with a roofing expert at your residence. To design a plan for installing a commercial roof or repairing an existing roof, the roofing specialist will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the roof’s current condition. The roofing contractor will evaluate the roofing project design, commercial roofing supplies, timeframe, and budget to guarantee a smooth roofing installation with the homeowner. Dils Roofing offers commercial roofing materials for constructing and installing low-slope roof systems. Dils Roofing works closely with customers when it’s time to repair or replace a commercial roofing system. Not only would installing a Title 24 compliant roof on your business building improve energy efficiency and make it more durable, but it will also boost the property value. For further information, consult a Dils Roofing expert today by calling us.

A skilled El Cajon roofer will assess the existing condition of your business building’s roof and give a no-cost estimate. Then, our roofers will work tirelessly and effectively to give you the most excellent metal roofing service possible. You will be amazed at the fresh appearance of your commercial facility and the exceptional customer service we provide during the roofing process. To minimize future roof leaks and other damage to your commercial roofing system, it is essential to arrange periodic maintenance with your Dils Roofing metal roofing professional. A well-maintained commercial roofing system is more energy-efficient and durable than a conventional shingle roof. A secure and well-maintained roof is essential to the structural integrity of any structure, which is why commercial roof repair is crucial. In addition, a well-constructed roof shields the structure’s interior from harsh weather and even aids fire prevention. Several issues, like flashing holes, blisters, and standing water, can be detrimental to the health of your roof. Therefore, it is essential to maintain commercial roofs so that costly repairs do not cause significant financial concerns.

Professional Roof Inspections

Dils Roofing has worked closely with Joelson Vail Associates LLC for twenty years, and we are specialists in construction defect litigation, forensic leak detection, etc. We are also expert witnesses for the state’s contractor’s board.

We’re the trusted choice even if our customers have talked to other roofing firms before us. We provide the best solutions upfront and do not have hidden fees and surprise costs, either. Commercial roofing can be exceedingly time-, money-and anxiety-inducing. Therefore, it is essential to get only professional labor and materials that may help with immediate expenses, insurance payments, and energy usage.


Managed Properties and HOA’s

My roof is leaking. Should I get it replaced entirely?

Perhaps it may not be necessary. Flashings that have become loose or sections of the roofing system that have sustained damage might cause leaks. On the other hand, complete roof system failure is often irreversible. It may result from incorrect installation or material selection, or the roof system installation may not be suitable for the home or structure.

How can a homeowner identify a malfunctioning roof system?

All too frequently, issues with roof systems are detected only after leaks or other severe damage has occurred Common roofing problems such as surface granulation, warping, cracking, and deteriorating flashings can be detected by performing periodic roof inspections, preferably (twice a year). In addition, discolored plaster, peeling materials, and loose shingles; are all possible indications of existing roof damage.

Do I have to tear off my roof before installing a new one?

Customers have two options: total replacement of the roof system, or a re-covering of the existing one. Check-in with us at Dils Roofing if you’ve previously had one re-cover placed on your original roof system. In many circumstances, the building code only permits one roof system to be re-covered before a total replacement is required. Dils Roofing can answer your questions and help you select a new roofing system.


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