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For the past 40 years, Dils Roofing has been offering customers an education-first approach to roofing. Let us be a resource for your upcoming roofing or solar project.

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San Marcos can have the best days in any city in the United States; however, it can still rain here occasionally. Unfortunately, this implies that you can have hidden roof leaks that can cause interior flooding. Never fear – Dils Roofing is always prepared to respond to your call! We are your best San Marcos roofer that offers the best customer experience and cost-effective solutions for residential and commercial roofing systems.

If it’s raining and your roof isn’t keeping the rain out for any reason, you need a roofing company in San Marcos. Please give us a call—ASAP! When it rains in San Marcos, we have project managers ready to assess any roof leaks and other roof-related problems. Dils Roofing will quickly assess the situation and provide a solution to fix your roofing issues.

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We have nearly 40 years of experience in roofing, from repairs to New roof installation and everything else in between.

Dils Roofing is a family-owned, fourth-generation roofing company with the main office in California.Remember – a tiny leak in your roof has the potential to grow into a significant problem, so it would be best to act quickly by calling a professional San Marcos roofer. Contact Dils Roofing for immediate and effective roof leak repairs. In addition, you can rely on us for expert roofing San Marcos services, which include repair and installation.

Dils Roofing focuses on the finer aspects of roofing repair and installation to ensure that you obtain the highest quality roofing solutions, installed by our highly skilled roofers. Our roofing installation also comes with the industry’s standard warranties on a new roof. Regarding roofing repairs, we can make the required adjustments to protect your property against rain-related damage. In addition, our San Marcos roofing team can assess the problem and maintain your roof in good condition until it’s time to replace it.

Residential Roofing Solutions in San Marcos

Dils Roofing provides a specialized team of skilled roofers to install your new roof. We use qualified installers, provide materials from reputable brand names, and can provide excellent guarantees on roofing materials. Dils Roofing is your one-stop roofing company. We can work within various situations, including all types of roofing work, repairs, insulation, solar tubes, ventilation, skylights, roof painting, roof structure work, professional carpentry, roof tear-off, and all types of roofing materials like energy efficient roofing systems, EPDM, single ply, PVC, EPDM, PVC, concrete tiles, metal roofing, cool roof coatings, and so many more.

Are you interested in reroofing or a brand-new roof installation? If you’ve already performed research on roofing installations, you probably already understand the importance of hiring a reputable and skilled roofing company to handle this aspect of your home or building. Whether you have a single-story home or a spacious commercial warehouse, Dils Roofing covers you. Dils Roofing’s primary goal is to discover our clients’ most durable and cost-effective solutions. One of our roofing specialists will walk you through our replacement roof alternatives to ensure that you receive precisely what you desire. Occasionally, roof damage becomes too significant for repairs, which is why we provide complete commercial and residential roof replacements. Frequently, inclement weather is the root cause of many roof problems.

Whatever the problem, Dils Roofing has you covered! We excel in all roofing work. Dils Roofing’s roofing repair services are unparalleled, from minor to partial roof replacements. We understand what it takes to satisfy our clients, which is the underlying reason for our success. The work and the service you receive are equally essential to us, and we aim for perfection with both. We have earned a reputation for providing high-quality roof repairs through our years of expertise in residential and commercial projects. However, delaying critical repairs will cost you thousands of dollars in extra damage, so if you know your roof needs a repair, please don’t delay.

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Commercial Roofing Solutions

Dils Roofing is the most acceptable option for commercial San Marcos roofer services. With nearly 40 years of experience in the CA roofing industry, we are familiar with the advantages, disadvantages, strengths, and weaknesses of each type of commercial roofing material and commercial roofing system available to protect your San Marcos business. Let’s avoid the scenario where your business is exposed to more risk because of structural vulnerabilities. Instead, you can rely on Dils Roofing’s skilled commercial roofers to do the work correctly the first time. Make your business’s roof an asset that saves money and safeguards investment. Our expert San Marcos roofer services include new roof construction, roof maintenance, commercial reroofing, and roof leak repair for all types of commercial properties.

Creating a thriving business is never a simple undertaking, significantly when a new building rises, or you’re in the middle of a costly renovation. Use our expert roofing team to assist you in designing and installing a commercial roof system that:

  •   Works with your roofing budget
  •   Complies with architectural style requirements
  •   Carries the best aesthetics that complement the building’s architecture
  •   Adequately protects your property from the elements
  •   Fully complies with local building codes
  •   Designed to deliver an extended return on investment

Maximize your return on investment by maintaining the roof of your building. Call Dils Roofing for roofing inspections, roofing recommendations, roof repair services, or for replacing the entire roof. Contact Dils Roofing a San Marcos roofer to visit your place of business to evaluate your present roofing structure and offer a thorough estimate of the cost of our recommended solutions.

We are a San Marcos roofing expert and are dedicated to ensuring the safety of your asset while meeting all your roofing needs.

Before undertaking any tasks, we provide a free business roof assessment to guarantee that all roofing issues are resolved in one go. Is your commercial roof leaking, collecting water, or otherwise malfunctioning? Our skilled commercial roofing experts can quickly examine, diagnose, and repair the roof. 

For leaks, we utilize high-quality roof mastic for patching and reinforcing with polyester fabric to create a durable repair that restores your roof to its original condition. Rest easy knowing that similar issues will no longer be a problem in the future after we provide the best roofing San Marcos services.

HOAs and Managed Properties

Dils Roofing has been working with homeowner associations for more than 30 years! We are responsive and communicative, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that the members of HOAs are happy with their roofs. Call Dils Roofing for all kinds of roofing work, from basic roof repairs to roof installations. In addition, we’d be happy to provide roof inspections to determine what’s causing leaks and other roof issues quickly. Property management consultants and professionals will also be happy to know that we make property management more accessible and convenient for everyone by ensuring that we fix issues and provide long-lasting roofing solutions to keep property owners and renters happy. As a property manager, choosing the appropriate roofing contractor the first time is essential for saving time, money, and headaches. In addition, you must ensure that the roofing contractor will protect your property since this is a crucial responsibility.

It is essential to distinguish between expertise in roofing residential properties and experience working with property management firms and renters. The San Marcos roofing contractor you want must have years of expertise working directly with property management organizations and have the backing of property managers. In addition, you need a contractor who will handle incoming repair orders, interact effectively with renters, and comprehensively grasp how to best work with you and your community. On occasion, roofing businesses will attempt to distract you from what is truly important, credentials. Look for a roofing contractor whose owner or president, as well as the roofing company itself, have the required certifications. Consider credentials such as the NRCA Certification and manufacturer’s certification. 

Finally, you have no time to engage in phone tag, send many emails, or wait days for a reply. Instead, look for a roofing contractor with excellent communication skills and a dedicated point of contact. Determining whether and how the roofing company will communicate with your homeowners is vital. When we get a work order from a property manager, for instance, we notify the property manager that it has been received, inform the homeowner that we will be there to remedy their roofing problem, and inform the property management after the project has been booked with the homeowner.


Professional Roof Inspections

Dils Roofing prides itself on always putting our customers first. Whether it’s a professional roof inspection or a brand-new residential roofing system, we ensure that we get it right the first time. We aim to bring you the incredible service you deserve – and our stellar online reviews show that we are simply the best.

Dils Roofing has worked with Joelson Vail Associates LLC for over twenty years. We’re also expert witnesses for the Contractor’s State License board. In addition, we have extensive experience in forensic leak detection, construction documentation, and construction defect litigation support. As a result, Dils Roofing can help ensure that your roof is constructed correctly and with the proper documentation.


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